Old Stuff II

Friday, October 17, 2008

Robomop Rules!

Thinking about politics and Presidents led me to remembering The Superhero League of Hoboken, one of the last of the great spiritual descendants of the Infocom text-based games. It’s right up there with the Monkey Islands as the silliest and most enjoyable games I’ve ever played. So, anyway, one of the later Superheros you can recruit is King Midas, who turns everything he touches into a muffler. Looking at major political figures, I wonder what you would call a fellow who manages to turn everything he touches into barnyard waste. It’s a gift, but not, I would have thought, a desirable one.

 Tripping over the cobblestones, feeling cranky

I’m a firm believer in Sturgeon’s Law, although I may quibble over the details. Some days, especially when I’m working on the bowels of a computer, I feel that he was too generous, and figure the percentage is like Ivory Soap’s purity – 99 44/100%. Other days, on the rare and memorable occasions when some experiment has gone not just right, but well, I can be charitable and drop it down to a more liberal 85 or even 80%.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yesterday’s post tomorrow!

I’ve been annoyed from a young age over the extraordinary property of chores that no matter what you are trying to do, it generally happens that you find you have to do something else first, in preparation.  Sometimes in a completely different place.  On a particularly good day, there can be whole string of these “have-to-do-it-first” chores which can take more time than the original job, and may make even you run out of time before you can actually do it. And my wife wonders, often quite audibly, why I don’t get more done. I think she’s already got a theory.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Opiate?  More like Angel dust.

With all the acumulated wisdom stored in the Bible, in the form of parables and other teaching stories, to treat it as simply a literal statement seems to me to be to diminish something hugely important to something more like a side-show. Every time I read anything in the Bible, no matter how extensive, it reminds me of some bad behavior I’ve seen or reminds me of ways that I could behave better. I still have a great deal of understanding to gain, however, because it seems to me that the general thrust of the New Testament is “Love Your Neighbor” while the theme of the Old Testament is mainly “Do Unto Your Neighbor Lest He Do Unto You First”. It’s seemed odd to me for years that so many folks can call themselves ‘Christians’ and talk about ‘accepting Christ’ when as far as I can see, they turn the teachings of Christ on their heads and do the opposite. We’re all fallible, and walking in Christ’s steps is hard to do, but I should think you would at least need to make the effort before you define yourself as Christian. To be a self-described Christian while spreading hate and worshipping at the altar of Mammon seems to me to follow more in the footsteps of the Father of Lies. But hey, what do I know.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Aha!  That was why!

I saw a bumper sticker this morning that I had forgotten. It said (more or less) “Kerry/Edwards 2004  It’s up to the women!” Of course – it all makes sense now, and I can tell my wife when she starts railing about the stolen election and how the GOP cheated. It’s simply that the women let the Democrats down. God knows every husband knows that feeling…

Friday, October 24, 2008

Falling behind already?

Waking up this morning, listening to our resident Sharp-shinned Hawk yelling away in the backyard, I forgot for a second that I live in the city now. When we moved in, the yard was neat and tidy (almost obsessively so), but thanks to 14 years of careful neglect, it has now taken on some of the finer characteristics of your more well-managed rain forest. I make sure to cut the grass (what there is left of it) every couple months whether it needs it or not, but thanks to the sprawling unkempt trees we now have about 1/4 acre of shaded weeds, brush and crawling vines. I expect any day that a pack of wolves will set up camp and evict the local foxes and smaller predators. Anyway, it’s one of the hunting areas for the hawk, which leaves a new spread of feathers under the apple tree every week or so. Looks like the last dinner guest was one of the local Mockingbirds, which I cheered about, but left my wife with mixed feelings. Like many women, she doesn’t sympathize with the predator, but on the other hand, she really doesn’t like the Mockingbirds either. Their habit of singing loudly enough at night to keep her awake in the summer has left its mark.

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