How many ‘first rules’ are there, anyway?

Thinking about politics in the Boy Scouts led me to politics in youth groups in general, and then reminded me of The First Rule Of Smart Conquerors: To control the adults, educate the children. Oddly enough, this whole thing started earlier this morning when I followed a link from Gavin at Sadly, No! to some fellow named John Hawkins. This person (and it would take too long to delve into, which he doesn’t deserve and I don’t have time for) sets out to make an argument abouut the evilness of liberals (and therefore, ipso facto, QED, cogito ergo sum, etc.) the goodness of what he and his ilk are pleased to call “conservatives”. The grade-school screed that he puts out is almost embarrassing to read; he has little understanding of this exciting new idea of “logic”, and yet he is so obviously filled with pride of authorship. I feel like Steven Chow in Kung Fu Soccer: “You’re giving Kung Fu a bad name” (in translation). Reading the wild, silly, arm-waving, spittle-flying hysteria that these people come out with makes me constantly feel like throwing out my political and philosophical inclinations and becoming a liberal just out of shame of association. Now that these “Republicans” have thoroughly debased the term “conservative”, what are guys like me to do? Have to give that one some thought.

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