It’s a bird’s life in the modern city.

On my way in this morning, I heard a couple of die-hard Blackpolls, the ragged edge of the migration (such as it was this year).  Then, walking in to work, I heard, for the second morning in a row, a vigorous (and rather late) Ovenbird announcing his readiness to receive all comers.  Beats me what he thinks he’s doing.   We’ve had the odd Ovenbird in the past yelling around the hospital, but I can’t recall any of them hanging out for a couple days before.  These oddballs do turn up; In past years, I remember having a young Tundra Swan spending the summer just at the bottom of the Susquehanna River, and I once saw a breeding-plumage White Pelican on the Jersey shore at Brigantine NWR.  There’s no accounting for tastes.  Somehow I doubt that he’ll be there tomorrow, though, unless it’s as a tasty snack for some predator.  Reminds me – on my way in this morning, I saw a Crow flying towards me in a rather odd manner; head up, and unusually straight.  I soon realized that he had 2 Kingbirds beating on him pretty relentlessly, and they were still going at him when he passed overhead.  Since I’ve never seen Kingbirds hold that much of a grudge when chasing a Crow off their turf, I have to assume that he’d nabbed one or more eggs, or maybe even an early hatchling from their nest.  Well, I hope they drew blood; I much prefer Kingbirds to Crows.

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