The culture of “entitlement”

Coming in this morning, half-awake, I hear a radio ad for some lawyer firm that’s looking to make a lot of money off people facing foreclosure.  One phrase stood out even through the morning sogginess – “we’ll help keep your property yours”.  So, here’s a situation where people who haven’t paid off their debt and can’t keep up the payments are losing “their” property.  Boy, when I first bought a car and took out a loan, it was made very clear that the car actually belonged to the bank until I paid it off and got the title.  I have to believe that either the lawyers know this and are deliberately lying to desperate people, or that they don’t know this and are therefore unfit to practice this area of law.  Or, I suppose, that the laws have changed and now whatever you buy is yours when you put down the first penny, and the rest of the financial transaction is simply a favor the the lender.  Or something.  Reminds me of listening to Reagan during the Iran-Contra treason episode – either he didn’t know what was going on, in which case he was unfit to be President, or he did know and was deliberately lying to Congress, in which case he was unfit to be President.  Funny how he became a saint to the right-wing, although it explains a lot about the now-traditional Republican culture of amorality and immorality.  What Nixon began, Reagan sanctified and the last President codified into law.

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