Such a day

Well, it’s been interesting.  An early drive out to the dentist, then home to a nice big scarab on the porch: brownish-tan with 6 black spots distributed around the rim, 3 to a side; nice flared, ‘feathery’ antennae.  It looks familiar, but I can’t lay hands on my Borror & White for some reason and BugGuide seems to be off the air.  Therefore, I’m putting it down as the familiar Sumkinda Chafer until I can track it down.   Then in to work where, for the third time that I’ve noticed (once a year), a big thunderstorm started out with a mix of fine snow and heavy rain.  I suspect that I only notice the snow because we’re high enough up on the 11th floor that it hasn’t completely melted yet on its way down.  So now we’ve had one episode each in May, June and July that I’ve seen.  Perhaps next year in August?  I wonder how common this is or has been, but I’ve not seen any reference to this sort of thing before.

Also of note was a very nice 944 Turbo at the place I was picking up a new alarm-system battery.  That’s the third 944 (plus one 928) I’ve seen just in this area over the years – I didn’t think there were all that many made that there should be so many still around, but I suppose a Porsche is worth keeping up.  I remember seeing quite a number of those little 914s in my youth, but I don’t suppose they had the same effect; I haven’t seen one of those in many years.

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