Just thinking

I heard some apologist for Bush and Cheney the other day try to excuse them (and Obama incidentally) by using the “world changed on Sept. 11” excuse.  Bullshit.  That foul little man Bush would have found an excuse to attack Iraq; he made that quite clear even before he was elected.  And as for Cheney, he was already working on the things he did almost from the moment he took office, and maybe before.  Have people no memories?  I hear no-one anymore, not even the most wild-eyed Brownshirt Republican, talking about the “one-percent doctrine” that Cheney used as PR justification – perhaps because it so evidently is a crock of shit?  Yet at the time, pundits and “lawmakers” alike swooned over its manly manliness.  Cheney is a pathological monster.  That for 5 years and more he has not been indicted for multiple felonies and war crimes is a black disgrace to Obama and every other member of this and the previous government, Republican and Democrat alike.  A nation that does not value its laws and its constitution has ceased to be law-abiding.  You can tape the constitution back together, but the damage to the country has not been addressed, let alone corrected.  And now it is too late.

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