Quiz Time!

I see on the news that John Bolton (“My moustache is an Internet phenomenon!”) is annoyed about Bill Clinton’s little overseas trip to pick up a couple of pretty young ladies.  This reminded me it’s way past time for a current-affairs quiz, so without further ado:

John Bolton is:

A .  Furious because negotiation with North Korea succeeded, showing America’s weakness.

B.  Furious because Bill Clinton is getting some positive press, showing America’s weakness.

C.  Furious because Barack Obama is President, showing America’s weakness.

D.  Furious because he’s not collecting a government paycheck, showing America’s weakness.

E.  Furious because North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Russia, large parts of Africa and sections of the United States are not smoking, radiated wastelands, showing America’s weakness.


F.  Furious because people keep referring to him as “that guy with the really silly moustache”, showing America’s weakness.

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