A trip to Soldier’s Delight on Sunday – somehow I’ve never been there, even though it’s more or less just across the street from a major developed area.  Almost 2,000 acres of scrubby woods and Serpentine Barrens; it’s really quite cool (to quote Casanova Frankenstein).  Some very nifty flowers, a nice flock of Bluebirds and a smattering of other birds and insects of various kinds.  Alas, no Copperheads in view, not that I actually know whether they’re found there or not.  or not.  Even though it was a pretty hot day, there was enough shade and breeze to make the afternooon hike quite pleasant.  Some very cool-looking webs in the scrubby underbrush, but I was constrained by my wife from dashing off in all directions to look for spiders, just because the rules say stay on the path…

I wish I had remembered to bring along my camera – the Grass-leaf Blazing-star, in particular was very snazzy.  Still, to see what it looked like, check out Darryl Searcy’s photos: http://wildflowers.jdcc.edu/Grass-leaf%20Liatris.html

It’s interesting that both Solidago graminifolia and Liatris graminifolia are found there, and bloom at the same time, and _are both commonly found associated with grass!_  Coincidence?  I think not!  Anyway, we didn’t actually see any Grass-leaf Goldenrod, which is a shame, as that is the most attractive varity to insects I’ve ever seen – even though the flowers are grouped in small clusters instead of big sprays, many of the plants are hosting one or more flower predators like Flower Spiders or Ambushbugs this time of year; they eat well in graminifolia.  It must put out relatively more nectar or something.


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