Full Speed Ahead!

It’s been clear for some time that the present Republican Party has decided that there is no patriotism other than loyalty to The Party.  This sort of thing happens, of course, and generally works out poorly, as with VI Lenin and his buddies.  Still, that simply doesn’t stop the next version, so we keep living through New and Improved versions of The Only True Vision of how The Homeland should be (which invariably requires that the Visionaries be in charge to bring their Vision to life).   This is all perfectly trite, of course.  The trouble, as always, is that the True Believers are completely convinced that their way is The Way (and that they must be in charge), and this impervious self-confidence is irresistable to many people.  Generally, once the True Believers have won, The Leader turns out to be more interested in his Personal Power and His Vision, which requires some Sacrifices to be made (often, ironically, by the True Believers at first).  The only real chance to fight it, I suspect, is for a wide-spread, effective response from some respected source.  Unfortunately, the only system that comes close to that sort of thing in the US (the media conglomerates) have essentially thrown in their lot with the Visionaries, or at least made a strong effort to be Scrupulously Fair which allows murder and jaywalking to be portrayed as equivalent.  It’s horribly fascinating to see this seemingly unstoppable progression playing itself out, almost as if Orwell had written a Broadway musical/black comedy.  The Big Lie continues to be effective, and continuous repetition has its standard effect.  Karl Rove gets well-paid speaking posts as if he was respectable, and blatant, obvious lies become common knowledge truths.  These guys are simply impervious even to satire, as the music-hall comedians found in Berlin 80 years ago.   A lie is exposed, debunked and then ignored and accepted as truth.   It then, becomes the stepping stone to the next lie, which also becomes a widely-known Truth.  How can you stop this?  Reason always fights irrationality at a disadvantage, especially when “polite” has become universally redefined as “weak of will”.  Where is the King or Gandhi who will politely stand up to the insane toddlers that are marching against us all?

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