And the Fall keeps falling

So, the first dead warbler of the fall under the newly-completed glass-walled building.   A Yellowthroat, appropriately enough.  Somebody must have done some sort of approximation of migration deaths per square footage of glass on these big urban buildings.  I have no idea how much  of a toll we’re talking about (like deaths per windmill on the ridgelines).

In better news, we now have a real orb-web again on the house under the porch light – some sort of Neoscona it looks like; I’ll try to get a better look tonight, as she just turned up sometime last night.  There was a time we had a half-dozen or more all around the house on windows and at the lights.  Two years running we had one of the really big Neosconas spin a web between the roof and the ground.  Not for years now; about the time that the butterflies all left us.  Cause/effect or similar responses to the same cause or what?  Hard to say.


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