Some days I feel like a Birther..

I mean, it seems quite obvious that what I believe is correct, and yet nobody will address it!  So, here’s the deal.  For 70 years, one of the primary goals of one wing of the Republican Party has been to destroy the New Deal, root and branch.  Most of that work has by now been done, but there still remains that foul Frankenstein’s monster – Social Security.  Additionally, there is now the terrible Bride of the Monster:  Medicare.  That wing of the GOP is now the only wing of the GOP, and has been pretty much in control since the days of the sainted Reagan.   The institutionalized strategy is that which Grover Norquist has become the latest driver of: bankrupt the government by cutting taxes and hiking military spending until the horrid social programs become simply too expensive to maintain, after which a capitalist Utopia will emerge from the ashes.  This is, I believe, why BushI was so reviled – he broke from the established ideological orthodoxy and set back the emergence of Heaven on Earth by raising taxes.  His son, however, led by the hand by the disciples of the great Republican Warriors of old, managed to come close to the Final Solution, but alas, the victory was snatched from their hands by this upstart image of everything they fear, Barack Hussein Terrorist Traitor Obama (that, of course, is why he hasn’t released his real birth certificate: not only will it expose his real birthplace (Deepest Africa) but it will also show his real middle names).  Now, not only will their  victory be delayed, but there is a movement to actually add to those Frankenstein’s Monsters the Wolfman of “Health Care Reform” which also threatens to interfere with profit-making, that backbone of the corporate state.  This obviously cannot be taken lying down, which is why the gullible foot soldiers have been mobilized to shriek random mouth-frothings in an effort to scare the media and Congress into doing what they’ve been already bribed to do – kill it in infancy.

It’s funny (not in a ha-ha sort of way, naturally) that I have this sort of discussion moderately frequently with people in my circle of acquaintances of all political stripes.  Invariably they argue a position that boils down to “you must be wrong because you can’t be right!”  Me, I just look to see if the results of the political actions of the past decades support or refute my assertion.  So far, I’m ahead on points.  Not that that means anything – in a contest between belief and facts, humans invariably prefer belief.  Some days I can actually feel a hint of a shade of what poor Cassandra felt.

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