Classic movie

We finally got around to watching the recent BBC Pride and Prejudice series/movie (taking a break from the usual male-bonding bang-bang fare as well as from the TV-from-our-youth fare for my wife and self).  Excellent!   The cast was uniformly fine, with some real stand-outs:  Mrs. Bennet was particularly good, as was Mary Bennet; I really enjoyed Lady Catherine and Mr. Bennet, and the leads were all as good as one could wish.  The true star of the show, though, and the person who put his stamp on the role the way Alastair Sim gave Scrooge his identity, was David Bamber as Mr. Collins.  I don’t see how he could be improved on.  His cringing, obsequious humility would make Uriah Heep purse his lips in disapproving distaste, while he gave off the sort of underlying nastiness that makes one think of Silence of the Lambs.  Now I’m going to have to rent Rome, in which Mr. Bamber played the role of Cicero – I can’t wait to see what he does with such a pivotal role; hopefully something quite different from Mr. Collins, anyway!

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