The mountain labored…

and a post came forth.

Anway, here we are shading into Indian Summer (having skipped the really cold bit that is supposed to precede it), but I noticed that we actually went through a bit of Indian Spring first – on Tuesday evening, as I left work in the cool of the late afternoon, a House Finch was busy singing in one of the trees outside the building, and as I arrived home, a flock of Robins came parachuting in while a Carolina Wren was cheering from the viny jungle in the back. This just a couple days after I noticed that the White-throated Sparrows had returned from the frozen wasteland of Canada for the winter months. I wonder if they went back, muttering and kicking rocks as they trudged back up I-81?

It sure seems like Spring on the roads, as pretty much the entire population of the city seems to have gone mad as a bunch of March Hares (or, around here, March Eastern Cottontail Rabbits).  Between bicyclists and bipedists lurching or flinging themselves across several lanes of traffic, or drivers doing much the same in response to some command from their cell phone or the voices from their fillings, every trip in a car is a grand adventure.  I have begun to think that the only realistic solution is simply to repeal all traffic rules, so that everybody is on an equal footing.  As it is now, the crackheads, teenage girls and lunatics have a distinct advantage; the rest of us hesitate for just that short time in disbelief.  It might get a bit messy for a while, but then the survivors would equilibrate and the benefits to society would be enormous – a lowered population reduces the drain on society, or in other words, “an ebbing tide sinks all boats”. 


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