Does everybody read like they play games?

So, I tripped over the pile of books at my bedside last night while staggering out in the wee hours (little pun there, for those so inclined), and while returning them to their normal state by means of some symmetrical book stacking (“just like the Philadelphia mass turbulence of 1947!”), I got to thinking about why I read and play games and do so many other things in parallel.  I mean, the books I’ve got handy for odd moments are (at the moment, anyway) The Best of Myles, Flann O’Brien; The Moral Animal, Robert Wright; Robert Benchley’s Wayward Press, ed. S.L. Harrison; Frontiers and Wars, Winston Churchill; and Authoritarianism and Polarization, Hetherington and Weiler.  All but the Churchill I’ve been pointed toward by weblog recommendations, which are surprisingly often helpful (although Mr. Wright leaves me a little dissatisfied; I’m not sure whether his biology or my biology is the source of my ‘deficiency’ concerns).  Benchley is an old friend, although I’d never encountered his wonderful press critic column before, and the O’Brien is in some ways similar, although it’s laced with a very different flavor – more Spike Milligan and less SJ Perelman, perhaps.   I’ve been working my way through these in my usual style – a chunk of one here, then a chunk of another there, with no particular pattern to it.  I had not thought before though, that this is how I generally play games (which is why most of my gaming is now done on the computer).  Then it occured to me that much of my life has been like that – I enjoy the beginnings of things, but often somewhere along the middle I become bored and distracted and lay off for a while doing something else, only to come back to it after a bit of time with renewed interest.  My marriage is one of the very few things that I’ve been working through straight from the beginning, although I’ve also been at the same job for 12 years now (probably because every day is different and unpredictable).  Books and games and other odds and ends change constantly in the ones that make up the group of varying numbers I’m working through at any given time.  There’s probably a very interesting set of associations that can be made about my life, but it will take some thought, and I’m out of beer at the moment so it will have to wait for a bit.  (I just realized that lately I’ve been buying beer in those variety 12-packs when they’re available – coincidence?  I think not!)


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