Do only Ruminants ruminate?

Busy week.  The first House Wren of the year rolled in Saturday (4/18), then off to the Valley for the weekend (Redbuds all the way down, Sonny!), then back to work at home and the job.  Almost makes me forget tax time.  It’s interesting – I keep hearing that Federal taxes are lower, but my experience over the past 5-10 years says the opposite.  There was a big jump when the GOP decided that those of us with less should pull our weight more to make life easier for the vastly wealthy, and every year things get a bit worse.  Oddly enough, my state taxes go up only slightly year-to-year – I still get a refund there, although it’s dropped from about $500 to about $250 over that period.  Meanwhile, my Federal tax has gone from about $800 (giving me a refund of about $600) to about $1700 (leaving me owing about $700) in that same time.  It doesn’t help that we moved out of the EIC bracket, and one of the kids is now too old for the Child Tax Credit.  One of the big kickers, though, is that my wife’s disability Social Security is now taxable at about 80% what with the various increases in my taxable income.  So, in effect, her disability is now her job.  I guess I shouldn’t complain much, though – the GOP has been trying desperately for about 80 years to kill the legacy of the hated FDR, and the Reaganomics strategy to bankrupt the country in order to kill the social programs seems to be finally bearing fruit.  Thanks, Grover Norquist!  Not that he devised it, and not that he hasn’t had a whole lot of help.  Serves me right for being careless enough not to have not been born into (or married into) a wealthy family, I suppose.  How thoughtless of me.

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