Lists served cold (the best way to serve this dish, too)

Before I forget, I figured I had better put down a couple of lists – I wish I’d thought to do this starting a few years ago; I’d like to see what I liked and how my tastes have changed over the past half-decade or so.

Anyway, let’s see; music, comma, favorites:

– anything Baroque (I’ve been on a Telemann kick lately; he varies from the very good to the PDQ Bach-reminiscent, but always nice to listen to.  Baroque elevator music, only better).

– Haydn (FJ), Mozart (WA), and a smattering of the other Classical and Romantic composers (especially Berlioz – love the guillotining bit in Sym. Fant..  Nobody could write a head bouncing into a basket like old Hector B)

– Zeppelin, Little Feat, the Beatles, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Hayseed Dixie

– pretty much all the good Bluegrass (hey, how about Allison Krauss and Robert Plant!  better than Reeses!)

– some C&W, like Jimmie Rodgers,  Hank Williams, Dwight Yoakam, George Jones and George Strait

– humor-for-highways, like the Arrogant Worms, Richard Cheese, Heywood Banks, and Dread Zeppelin.  The collected Prairie Home Companion Joke shows recordings are always good for a laugh as well.

– and open-road driving music, like certain selections from ZZTop, Kentucky Headhunters, Georgia Satellites, and some of the above.

Then a quick shot of webcomics:

The best, by far: Sinfest

All really good, in one way or other: Schlock Mercenary, Questionable Content, Order of the Stick, 8-bit Theater, XKCD, Dr. McNinja, and some others that don’t stick in the mind as well.  Anything available in newspapers doesn’t count.

Late, lamented: Sluggy Freelance and Shoot Me Now.

It’s funny how things go – some comics start with a bang, then fade quickly (like Garfield); some hang on long past the time they’ve stopped being even amusing (with a great deal of respect to Mr. Schultz, Peanuts from before about 1970 is still pretty funny; after that, it gradually eases off into a couple of familiar jokes replayed over and over with an ever-diminishing cast.  Some never die (I still laugh at Pogo (all the way to the end) and Doonesbury, after lo! these many years).  And some die too soon (I keep leaving out tunafish sandwiches, but he never takes the bait..)  Webcomics are no different, except insofar as they can often get away with stuff that would make editors blanch.  Not that that’s a bad thing.

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