Oh, It’s spider time again, etc. etc.

A lovely, misty morning today, and so on the way out I saw the first Bowl-and-Doily web of the year at the fence line.  There was a loose tangle of dew-covered silk nearby, but I’m not enough conversant with the less formally structured snares to know who made it.   I’ll just call him ‘Bo-o-ris the Spi-i-der’ after Pete Townsend’s little pal (although I have no idea if he’s black and hairy or very small).  I’m still recovering from the stresses of Tax day, although thanks to the Feat (who played ‘Fat Man in the Bathtub’ on loop for me while I was wrestling with my 1040 and state forms) (“I hear him moan”, they said, and so did the neighborhood), I pulled through only a tad crankier than usual.  And speaking of cranky, every time I see one of those asinine “Tea Party” protests, I think (uncharitably) to myself – “Well, then, why in God’s name don’t you start by refusing all the money you get from the Feds, if you’re so dead-set against it?”  But of course, they’re only against Federal spending if it goes to somebody other than them.  It’s only “Socialism” if it benefits the ‘wrong sort’ of people.  Why, oh why can’t the modern Republicans be honest and forthright about their drives and their goals?  Is there a single one of their oft-proclaimed ‘moral and ethical principles’ that the group doesn’t violate on a daily basis?  I won’t even go into the neo-Pharisee wing of the GOP and their clear disdain for the 10 Commandments (that applies only to thee, not me!).  Oy!  What a world, what a world….

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