Ends and Odds

Time to catch up on some stuff.

Last Thursday, I noticed that the Maple and Elm seeds were pouring off the trees in quite impressive amounts, and that the Oak trees were done flowering.  Meanwhile, the grasses and Spring weeds are in full flower (again, about 3 weeks earlier than 30 years ago), causing an allergy season that is exceptionally strong.  Friday, another big sunbow – I have no idea whether they are more common than when I was young, or whether I’m just noticing them more, but it seems to me that I’ve been seeing a handful of sunbows every year for the past few years anyway.  I saw my first one in 1997.

Monday I heard the first warblers of the year, as a small wave seemed to be working through the area under wet, overcast skies.  Later in the day, a Great Egret flew across Rte 1 down Herring Run, which may indicate that the feeble remnants of the shad run are beginning, or that this particular Egret was simply wandering.  Lovely bright white against the low overcast, though.

Today, another Turkey Vulture circling over the hospital; a fairly common sight, although not one calculated to reassure our more sensitive clients..  It made me wonder, though – Turkey and Black Vultures are pretty regularly seen circling over the rowhouses here in the slum areas – are there gas leaks, or are they finding lots of dead animals?

Well, all in all, this frog feels the water temperature getting uncomfortable, but I don’t see any way to jump out of the pot.

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