I’ve had Modern Times as the car CD for the past week, and I’m very surprised.  I’ve never been a big Bob Dylan fan, but this is really hitting the spot.  In a way, it’s like listening to Ralph Stanley – the voice is wrecked, but a master knows how to use what he’s got and make you love it.  This album is pure pleasure all the way through; all the bits just fit together pretty much seamlessly – the fellows playing with Dylan are right together and don’t put a foot out of place even when they’re playing around.  It’s like listening to Little Feat when they’re completely synchronized.  I could just pick out a particular song and set it on loop and it would take me to wherever I was driving and I probably wouldn’t remember too much about the trip.

Well, then.  In other news, I finally got the weed-whacker back, serviced and ready to go.  The grass in the right-of-way got to waist-high over the six weeks I was waiting.  The first delay was my fault – somehow I left it there without putting down my deposit, but the second one was theirs – she wrote my telephone number down wrong, so kept calling a number one digit off to tell me it was ready.  Oh, well.  I’m not too pissed at Poulan; I’m sure other manufacturers ship products that don’t work properly out of the box, so the fact that I had to get the carbureter adjusted before it would finally run right is merely annoying.  I am a bit aggravated about the design, though.  Vines and even tough grass tend to wrap around the line spindle and lock the fishing line up so it can’t extend.  At best, I have to stop every 5 minutes or so and cut away the tightly-wrapped spool of vegetation to allow the fishing line to unwrap.  I suppose it’s not a bad idea to force me to take frequent breaks to ease the strain on my ears, but it’s a pain.  I never had a problem with my Poulan chainsaws, but that was 25 years ago, and a completely different product altogether.   Maybe it’s my poor technique, but I feel about this like I feel about lab equipment – if it can’t run properly when abused by numbnuts, it’s not good enough.  I’m no longer a Poulan fan.

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