Whoah! Instant karma indeed.

Yesterday, driving in, had an ‘instant karma’ moment when a young woman zipped up in the right lane, crammed her minivan into the minivan-sized gap between me and the car in front (disregarding the big empty space behind me, of course) and less than two blocks later found out why tailgating is a bad idea.  Luckily the ensuing backup wasn’t too bad for those of us behind the accident; we were able to get around without too much excitement.  Anyway, I meant to jot this down as a rare glimpse of how things ought to work, but got caught up in the rush of work and forgot.  This morning, a minor bit of road stupidity reminded me, and I remembered I had to take care of the instant karma post.  Not more than a minute later, the dulcet tones of John Lennon helped pound it into my memory with his classic recording.  So, today I didn’t forget.  The universe is a funny place.

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