Taste of Fall

Drinking and sunning at the same time

The Coreopsis/Butterfly Bush/Sunflower Extravaganza has really borne fruit (or flowers and seeds, to get technical).  Our solitary Buckeye gained friends, and as of yesterday we still have three buzzing around, distiguishable (apart from being in different places at the same time) by the differing amounts and placements of the wing damage.  They’re very entertaining butterflies – a lot less skittish than the skippers , whites and big Swallowtails that occasionally turn up.  Well, two of them are, anyway – a few moments’ work with our little digital camera got some acceptable “close-your-eyes-and-stick-the-camera-as-close-as-possible” shots on those two.  Even when they were just sunning on some convenient bush or sidewalk, they were pretty relaxed about personal space.  The third must have had some bad experiences, though – I couldn’t get near it.  In addition to the Buckeyes, the Skippers of various kinds, and a single Variegated Fritillary, we’ve had the sunflowers crawling with small bees, including the mini-Bumblebees which have come back since the demise of the Honeybees.  Also, a couple of Goldfinches, which brightens up the mornings for me considerably, but perhaps not so much for the small insects that I presume they’re eating.


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