minor update

Have to remember to summary the late summer – butterfly finals, bird and spider finals, rabbit nest in front yard, etc.

Yesterday was the last day of Chimney Swift stragglers around the big stack next to the building; no sign of them today.  Instead, a flock of Blackbirds over the hospital looking like a hawk in the offing, but I didn’t see one.  We’ve had a yearling Peregrine bopping around a bit, so maybe, or maybe one of our local urban Sharp-shins.  Speaking of urban wildlife, a dead Raccoon in the road this morning, looking very healthy and well-fed (before it became road-kill last night, anyway).  Haven’t seen the (resident?) Red-tail in months, so presumably gone to greener pastures or killed by one of the local gang-bangers; the neighborhood shooting has gone way down since the Cedonia gang seems to have successfully absorbed us and fought off the Harford Road guys, but we still have action most weekends.  No more auto-weapon fire, thank goodness; back to the big handguns and shotguns, and once in a while a whack that sounds more like a .225 rifle or some such.  The old standby 9mm seems to have gone out of fashion; I hardly ever hear the pop-pop-pop any more.  Presumably the .44s and Desert Eagles are the new handgun of choice among the discerning thugnoscenti.


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