It’s March again

Melatonin update:  night #4; 10:30 asleep, 5:30 awake; vivid dreams, but no nightmares; more “regret-mares”.  Not too tired during the day so far, and less grogginess in the morning.

One nice thing about doing this now is that I’m awake in the morning to hear the bird activity.  It seems last night the return of March set off everybody’s Spring alarms – this morning, the Robins were whooping it up all over the area, singing, calling, and generally making an enthusiastic racket.  The Song Sparrows were singing for the first time, and the Grackles were finally back and beginning to make their presence felt.  For some reason, the Cardinals, which had started singing a couple weeks back, were not in evidence, and neither were the Mourning Doves, which usually start about the same time as the Robins.  No hawks yelling around the back, either.  I don’t know whether to be worried or not, but it’s been a few days since I’ve heard any Hawk noises, or senn any hawk activity.  I hope the neighborhood pigeon-fancier, whose stock has been feeding our local Sharp-shin pair, didn’t take matters into his own hands.

Oh, yes – a couple days back, the snow piles were only a tad smaller than a month ago, but as of this morning, not much left of even the biggest piles.  I espect all to be gone by the middle of the week.  Up in Philly yesterday, there was still a good bit of snow cover on the ground, but then pretty much all the snow went up around us this winter.

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