March is always better in February

The results are in: melatonin is a useful tool to reset the sleep cycle, but not something to do for more than short stretches.  Night 6, I woke up on my own, but got back to sleep fairly easily.  Night 7, I had real trouble getting up in the morning, and after I took the 1mg pill on night 8, I quickly began to feel almost drugged – the last two nights I felt uncontrollably sleepy within a half-hour of taking the pill.  Night 9 I had a pre-pill night; woke at 12:30 and could not get back to sleep for about an hour or so, and then the next day had periodic bouts of intense sleepiness throughout the day.  That was it.  I’m off for a while, and I’ll see how things sort out over the next few days.  Needed coffee again this morning; a gray, cool March day, overslept and struggling a bit.  The Sharp-shin was yelling in the back this morning, which was nice, since I hadn’t heard either of them all weekend.  The Mourning Doves have been singing since late last week, and the Robins have divvied up the neighborhood already and are getting down to the brass tacks of nesting.  I heard some White-throats in the fencerow Saturday morning, but they’re gone now, and this morning on the way in, a large, loose skein of what were either high swans or low Canadas sillhouetted against the grey overcast.  Probably geese.  There was some yard work done this weekend, and I was actually noticing that we have about twenty pounds of accumulated cobwebs up around the edges of the ceilings, so more evidence that it’s March, no matter what the calendar says.  Spring cleaning isn’t a winter phenomenon.

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