Spring? Really?

Coming home last night, the Robins were flocking up and presumably getting ready to head out to greener pastures not covered by a couple inches of snow and ice.  No surprise this morning to hear out the window lots of Song Sparrows, Cardinals and American Crows, along with a single MoDo and a Red-winged Blackbird(!), but not a single Robin where a few days ago, they were the loudest sound in the neighborhood.  Reminded again about the oddity of not hearing any House Finches where we used to have as many of them as we had House Sparrows.  I wonder if they got hammered by West Nile like the American Crows did?  Something seems to have wiped them out, and unlike the American Crows, they haven’t (yet) come back.  Come to think of it, House Wrens have pretty much disappeared from the neighborhood as well; we now have Carolina Wrens instead (which I personally prefer).


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