They’re ba-ack!

The Robins pulled back into town last night, but they haven’t yet restarted the staking-out process.  They were fussing around like a bunch of old women this morning, but no songs yet.  The noise came entirely from Cardinals, Grackles and Song Sparrows with some grouchy complaints from the local Mockingbird, and at one point an almost-familiar Blackbirdish-sounding, grinding “jee-ee-eet” call.  I couldn’t track it down, but it didn’t sound like a Starling or a Redwing, and I don’t recall hearing a Cowbird (which there are no signs of right now, anyway) make that kind of noise before.  It reminds me of something, but I’m so out of practice that I can’t put my finger on it.  The snow is subliming off the top and melting off the bottom (at least where the sun gets through to some darker areas of the ground), so I expect it to be gone again by the beginning of next week, or sooner if we get any amount of rain.

Meanwhile, in the midwest, the last gasp of representative democracy is taking place with the demonstrations in Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana.  I don’t see it succeeding, though.   People just won’t see the train coming until it’s right on top of them, so I’m afraid we’re going to have to live through some nightmare years before some form of representative government is restored.  We’ll still have the trappings of a Republic, even though the opposition will have essentially no real ability to influence anything (they barely have that now).  A shame about Obama, though – there was a real feeling there for a while that we might have been lucky enough to get the man he said he was.  I guess there was a reason he lined up so well with Lieberman before Holy Joe threw him under the bus.  They’re both pretty conservative and feel that plain speech is somewhat impolite.  Unlike Lieberman, though, Obama has principles other than “what’s in it for me?”; the sad thing is that he’s only now beginning to realize that it’s hard to compromise with people who define ‘compromise’ as ‘taking less than we want (for now)’.


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