Springity, Spring, Spring.

March 8, 2011

A beautiful morning between spring storms!  Clear, sunny, cool but not too much so, some breeze, but the wind has calmed a lot.  The first Carolina wren has set up shop across the street and is challenging all comers.  I’m looking forward to our backyard wren moving in soon as well.    Otherwise, the same slate of singers:  Mockingbirds, Robins, Cardinals and Grackles.  House Sparrows making some noise, but no Mourning Doves today.  No rabbits out yet, either, although the squirrels are being their normal pestiferous selves.  The ground is still soggy from the big rain of the Sunday (big snow up northward), and more rain on the way tomorrow, I guess.  The daffodills are up, but still not yet flowering, no crocuses to be seen where we used to have dozens (maybe the voles?) and only a couple of surviving Hyacinth shoots to go along with the tulip shoots.  Big yard clearance this weekend, I think; there’s lots of debris to be cleared out.


Sleep is better than sex! (the continuing series)

March 7, 2011

Beautiful Spring day, the Haydn ‘Surprise’ Symphony blaring on the Victrola, I’m sabre-dancing around the lab doing disco-science and feeling pretty chipper.  What a difference from last week.  I actually got plenty of sleep over the weekend, and although I can’t say I’ve completely caught up, I don’t feel like my head is full of oatmeal and my feet are caked with cement.  I suspect one of the biggest problems in the workplace is due to insufficient sleep – between bad decisions, mistakes that have to be fixed or done over, and just general slow functioning, I bet there’s a huge cost to sleep-deprivation that just goes unmeasured.