Moving right along

Quick update:

4/12, Carolina Wren and Carolina Chickadee singing in the back yard.   4/14, The Flickers returned (2 pairs seen in different places), and a pair of Ospreys circled northwards over the hospital about lunchtime.

Heading down into the Shenandoah, a Pileated Woodpecker following a Black Vulture (one of many on Saturday)  across 340 just north of the Potomac, and then another Pileated visiting the yard in Winchester looking for some suet.  Always a thrill.  Still a number of White-throated Sparrows hanging on in the Valley, although they have left Baltimore (at least our yard).   Another oddity – plenty of House Finches down there, but I still haven’t seen or heard any back in the city, where they used to be abundant.  Also, a lone Fish Crow flying overhead.  I usually think of them as coastal or ‘big-river’ birds, but I suppose the Shenandoah is big enough even up at Winchester.  Otherwise, a nice, quiet weekend.  And so, to work.

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