Week that was.

The Barn Swallows were back on the 12th, although they might have been here before that and just passed unnoticed.  They have pulled into town rather earlier in past decades.   The 14th had a pair of Ospreys circle northwards over the hospital, and yesterday in the morning, before the lively storm, we had a Towhee singing in the back yard.  The storm itself was almost as blowy as the big wind a couple months back, but as far as I know we had no buildings get blown down this time.  We lost power for two hours, but that was a minor inconvenience.  A nice excuse to haul out and light the candles, but not much more than that.  Today is shaping up pretty much as one would expect after a good front like that – coolish, dryish and clear blue skies.  Nothing much in the way of new birds; probably most of them ended up in Canada or out at sea..

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