Titles? We don’t need no stinking titles!

Another beautiful morning; my evil twin side enjoys calling to the Mourning Doves from inside the house, where they can’t see me.  It gets them even more flustered than usual.  I heard the first Cowbirds of the season, so I deduce that the Robins will be laying eggs soon if not already.  The clear skies have already given way to high haze, but it’s still a nice Spring day.  One sure sign of Spring in the city: a fellow riding his bike down the middle of the main drag as I came in to work – against traffic on the one-way street.  Luckily we were pretty near the hospital so that when the inevitable happens he won’t have too far to go.  The other day the EMTs from one of the trucks at the ER were loading up a back-board just a block and a half away from the entrance; if you have to get hit by a car while strolling through traffic, next door to the hospital at least saves the city on gas.   Be considerate!


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