Hot Night in the Big City

Exciting times, as the temperature hits the 80s again.  In the span of about 5 minutes last night we had a Schizocosa Wolf Spider roaming the hallway, a Stink Bug terrorizing the wife while she worked, and outside visiting the light as I l freed them on the porch, a large Crane Fly and several generic moths, one of them about Gypsy Moth/Isabella Moth size, but very bland and unmemorable.   Now, that’s writing efficiency – getting 4 sentences worth of material into a single sentence!   This “new normal” of hot springs and hotter summers is not to my liking.  I’m thinking hard about emigrating northwards as the kids move up through the school ranks into college.  I miss my youth, when April was more a 50s and 60s temperature month, with occasional trips into the 70s toward the last week.  Anyway, let’s see about birds before I forget:  House Wren and White-throated Sparrows singing in the backyard last week; both have moved on now.  The weekend featured Flickers starting to call and drum on siding, and Catbirds back and adding their squeaky songs to the peak singing mix.  The Robins are brooding on their nests, and since I only now see one of the Cardinal pair at a time, I assume the Cardinals are as well.  I wonder if they’re up to 3 broods a year in the south, now?  If they start this early up here, 2 broods is easy, and 3 might even be possible.  I’ll have to keep my eyes open.  Oh, yes – Yellow Warblers are back as of last week, but I haven’t heard any other warbler noise yet.  Not that there has been much in recent years; one here, one there where back in college there would be dozens.  Well, at least we have lots of Ring-billed Gulls, rats and roaches.

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