Yesterday was a nice warm May day, Whites and the first Sulfur of the season out, and a nice bit of dim sum down in Chinatown (reborning) to mark my birthday.  Today, Titmice, House Wrens and Goldfinches calling around the house, a Carpenter Bee (!) hovering here and there along the side of the house, and a laggard White-throated Sparrow shuffling in the underbrush.  Cutting the backyard exposed the fact that the violets we used to have in front have moved to the back of the house for reasons unknown.  The Female Sharpy (hybrid/Cooper’s?) had another pigeon out in her corner sometime in the last week or so (judging by the pile of feathers) and the sump is completely dry, due to the exceptionally dry spring we’ve had.  Otherwise not much of note.


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