No White-throats yesterday, none this morning; I think they may finally have headed north, despite the rather Canadian weather we’ve been having this week.  A real first yesterday, though – a Great Crested Flycatcher calling down the end of the block when I came home last night.  I just put it it down to one of the local talented Mockingbirds until it gave both the ‘wheep’ and ‘brrreeeep’ calls and kept calling for several minutes.  Still no warblers, though, although I’ve heard that other people are getting some in the region.  In other news, an orchard spider was set up in one of the front holly bushes (presumably since the large forsythis bushes down the side were reduced to little more than ground cover last fall by the wife) and the Cowbirds have stopped courting, so presumably the local nest hosts are well underway.  There should be some more news after the birding thing on Saturday.  Even though nobody signed up for it, I talked Marty into showing up anyway just in case.  Given Marty’s usual history and luck, it will start pouring rain and he’ll lock his keys in the car..  Should be a fun time anyway!


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