Backyard jungle

May 12, 2009

The drawback to a policy of benign neglect in the backyard is that you may end up having to pay big bucks when the trees grow to the point that they have to be taken out before they knock out your power or phone lines. The good side is like this morning when I looked out the back window in the kitchen and saw a Thrushy bird hop out onto one of the downed branches I’d hacked off our big overgrown apple tree last week. It was facing me at first, and I couldn’t figure it out for a bit, as the normally streaky Thrush breast was clear, with maybe a hint of patterning under the shoulders. Then it turned sideways, and when I saw the overall reddish back, I got a flashback to the days when Veerys were common in our 260-acre backyard in New England. I miss the song, but it was nice to add another species to the yard list.